School closings due to inclement weather and activities announcements can be sent to you via text messaging or email. However, it's best to also check the PWCS Web site, TV, or radio announcements as well.
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Inclement Weather Closing Procedures (Letter from the Superintendent):

    How Decisions Are Made:

  • Decisions are made based on conditions across the county and beyond to create a margin of safety for all travelers from all areas of the county. Conditions that can appear safe in one area may well be very different in another. Decisions take all areas into consideration to protect the safety of all our students and staff. Extensive decision making incorporates field surveys, review of weather forecasts, and coordination with other agencies.

Where to Find Closing Announcements:

    On the PWCS Home Page and on All School Web Sites:

  • School closings, delayed openings, or early closing information will be announced on the PWCS home page as soon as decisions are made (Go to, see the top of the "Announcements" section).
  • All school Web sites will also have inclement weather announcements posted at the top of the home page.
  • When viewing the PWCS Web Site be sure to "Refresh" your web browser or in some cases you may need to CLOSE AND REOPEN YOUR BROWSER window if the refresh does not show the closing announcement.

    On Television and Radio Stations:

  • PWCS-TV, Comcast cable channel 18; Verizon cable channel 36
  • Local TV and radio stations.

    By Calling the School Closings Hot Line:

  • The PWCS telephone hot line: 703.791.2776 (select #3).


Closing Details:

  • Note that sometimes a 2 hour delay is later changed to a full day school closing; so check for announcements frequently when there is a delayed opening.

  • After School Activities
    If schools close early or if schools Divisionwide are closed all day due to inclement weather, the after-school student activities, athletic activities, and GED/Adult Ed classes will be canceled.
    However exceptions can be made in some cases and the school activity may be held as planned.

  • Usually, no announcements will be made when schools are operating on a normal schedule.

  • Code Red: Schools are closed and employees shall not report for work.
  • Certain administrators and classified employees as specifically designated by their supervisor will report at times specified to perform essential duties such as snow removal.

  • Code Green: Schools are closed and all 12-month employees and all administrators shall report for work. Annual leave may be requested by those employees unable to report for work (liberal leave).
  • Students, teachers on less than 12-month contracts, teacher aides, bus drivers, bus driver attendants, cafeteria workers and other less than 12-month classified employees shall not report for work.

Two Hour Delayed Opening

  • All students, teachers, teacher’s aides, bus drivers and bus driver attendants shall report on a two-hour delay.
  • All classified employees, teachers on 12-month contracts, all administrators and all cafeteria workers report at normal times.
  • Note that sometimes a 2 hour delay is later changed to a full day school closing; so check for announcements frequently when there is a delayed opening.

Early Closing (Both One-Hour And Two-Hour Early Dismissal)

  • Teachers and teacher’s aides may be excused early by the principal after students have safely departed the building and grounds.
  • Administrative staff and classified employees, except teacher’s aides, will remain on the normal work schedule unless specifically excused by an announcement from the Superintendent.

SACC Information:

Staff Development Activities:

Staff development activities: If Prince William County Public Schools are closed for the entire day all professional development activities are canceled. If schools close early, professional development activities are canceled and may be rescheduled. If there is a delayed opening, full-day professional development activities scheduled to occur during the day will take place, but will follow the delayed schedule. Half-day morning or afternoon professional development activities will be canceled. Information on cancellation of Saturday professional development activities may be obtained by consulting the PWCS Web site and on PWCS-TV. For more detailed information, please go to



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